Member Introductions

Member Introductions

Masahiro Midorikawa

Title Chairman and Representative Director
Career summary Registered as CPA in 1980
Registered as certified tax accountant in 1996
Main activities Expert member at JICPA's Corporate Taxation Subcommittee of the Tax Examination Committee
Belongs to the following working/study groups:
The tax law study group hosted by Professor Emeritus Masasuke Takeda of Seikei University
The Nippon Keidanren's company split/consolidation taxation system study working group
Dual income taxation working group
Limited liability company study group
Advisor to the Japan Medical Association
Representative director of TFR Research Center
Main publications Issues in Assessment of Inheritance Property (coauthored), Gyosei Corporation
Explanation of Key Points in Corporate Reorganization Taxation (coauthored), Okura Zaimu Kyokai
Taxation Regarding New Merger, Split and Investment in Kind (coauthored), Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing
Explanation of Key Points in Consolidation Taxation (coauthored), Seibunsha
Practical Knowledge of the Equity Section (coauthored), Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing
Practical Knowledge of the Equity Section, Revised (coauthored), Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing
The New Companies Act and Accounting/Tax Handling: with Emphasis on the Equity Section (coauthored) Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing
Assessment of Inheritance Assets, Theory and Practice, Gyosei Corporation
The New Companies Act and Taxation Issues (coauthored), Zaikei Shohosha
Administration in Corporate Reorganization (coauthored) Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing
Administration in Corporate Reorganization, Revised and Expanded (coauthored), Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing
Case Studies: Corporate Taxation Suits and Review Requests (coauthored), Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing
Q&A Handbook on Administration for a New Charitable Organization: Transition, Establishment, Management, Accounting, Taxation (coauthored), Seibunsha
New Coporate Group Taxation and Practical Measures (editor), Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing
Amended Companies Act and Accounting/Tax Handling (coauthored), Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing

Yasuhiro Ishikawa

Title President and Representative Director
Career summary Joined the Sanwa Bank, Ltd. (currently the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.) in 1988.
Was assigned to Business Development Department, the section promoting M&A advisory services, in 1992.
Has been consistently involved in M&A advisory activities throughout his assignments in Securities Sales Department and Corporate Finance Department. Has handled a wide range of deals from advising an owner-operated company on planning business succession and buyout of a listed company to supporting the business transfer from a bankrupt company to a sponsor company, mainly in the distribution and service sectors.

Joined Global Management Directions, Ltd. (Currently KPMG FAS Co., Ltd.) in 2000. Handled cases including merger of a financial institution, joint incorporation-type company split by a trading house, acquisition of a listed construction company by a subsidiary of a non-ferrous metals company, integration of a subsidiary by a pharmaceutical maker, complete merger of a subsidiary department store operator by a railroad company through stock swap, establishment of a joint venture by transport equipment makers, sale of a restaurant chain by a food maker, acquisition of a software development company by a private education business company, sale of hotel operation by a real estate company, etc. He has provided advice on M&A deals that restructured businesses and industries.
Joined Synergy Capital Co., Ltd. in 2005. Engaged in private equity operations and took charge of the exit of six investee companies.
Left Synergy Capital in November 2006, as the company's operations came to a close.

Founded Amidas Partners, Inc. in December 2006.
Has been consistently engaged in M&A advisory activities for 20 years since his early career with the bank.

Hokuto Hoshi

Title Director (part-time)
Career summary Medical doctor
President of Hoshi General Hospital Foundation
President of Polaris Nursing School
Former executive board member of Japan Medical Association

Kenji Hayashi

Title Director
Career summary Joined the Fuji Bank (currently the Mizuho Financial Group) in 1997 where he worked as a relationship manager for corporate clients. Then, he joined CIBC World Markets Tokyo office in 2000 and worked on cross-border M&A advisory transactions in mining, energy and other diversified industries for more than 14 years. Joined Amidas Partners in January 2016.

MBA (University of Cambridge, Judge Business School), CFA, CMA

Katsumi Mitani

Title Director
Career summary Joined a major financial institution where he worked on M&A advisory service for more than 10 years and played a leading role in M&A deals mainly for Japanese listed companies and private equity funds.

Then he started his own business and has been in collaborative relationship with Amidas Partners.

Tatsumune Ikeda

Title Manager
Career summary

Prior to joining Amidas Partners, Tatsumune Ikeda worked in the Risk Management department at GE Capital Japan where he was primarily focused on debt restructuring and corporate finance. Previous to the role, he spent 2 years as a financial analyst in the industrial and capital service divisions of GE.

Atusko Teranishi

Title Manager
Career summary

Joined UFJ Bank Ltd. (currently Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.) in 2002 and then worked on M&A advisory services at UFJ Tsubasa Securities Co., Ltd. (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.). Then she worked on private equity investment fund operation at Advantage Partners, Inc.

Joined Integral Corporation in 2008 and worked on equity investment fund operation before joining Amidas Partners.

Junji Niki

Title CFO
Career summary

After working for a major IT firm, he moved to Pricewaterhouse Consultants Co., Ltd. (currently IBM Business Consulting Services Co., Ltd.), where he engaged in operational improvement support services related to consolidated group management and venture business support services, and then to Global Management Directions Limited (currently KPMG FAS Co., Ltd.), where he engaged in M&A advisory services.

Moved on to a foreign-capital company, where he was charged with management accounting (business planning and other responsibilities), then to an independent consulting firm, where he handled support services related to internal control structuring (in response to the J-SOX rules), ultimately starting his own business in 2009.
His main expertise includes support in areas such as business planning, M&A and business restructuring, operational improvement and creating an internal control structure.

Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant
Chartered Member of the Securities Analysis Association of Japan
Passed USCPA examinations (Hawaii)

Yasuyuki Nishikori

Main affiliation Maori Corporation
Career summary Before offering his services to Amidas Partners, Mr. Yasuyuki Nishikori worked in several listed companies including Softbank Corp, Carview Corp, Index Corp, and Proto Corp, where he was been involved in the business development, establishing of joint ventures, and acquisitions. Mr. Nishikori also has experience as a CEO of a mobile IT company.

Masato Kasahara

Main affiliation Kasahara Accounting Firm
Career summary

Engaged in statutory audit and financial research at Asahi Audit Corporation (currently KPMG AZSA, LLC), and moved to Global Management Directions Limited (currently KPMG FAS Co., Ltd.) as Arthur Andersen spun off its corporate finance section. Moved on to PricewaterhouseCoopers Financial Advisory Services Co., Ltd. (currently PricewaterhouseCoopers Co., Ltd.) then to KPMG Corporate Finance LLC (KPMG FAS Co., Ltd.), eventually setting up his own auditing firm.

Has been engaged in corporate evaluation for over a decade.
Has provided valuation services in numerous deals for merger and acquisition, group reorganization, accounting purposes such as purchase price allocation, business revitalization, business succession and other purposes in a wide array of industries including retailing, finance, real estate, trading house, precision machinery, energy and information services.

Hirotoshi Fushida

Main affiliation Musashi Capital Pte Ltd
Career summary Joined the Sanwa Bank, Ltd. (currently the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) in 1996 and engaged in corporate sales. Has been involved in M&A advisory activities since 2001, starting with Global Management Directions Limited (currently KPMG FAS Co., Ltd.) and then with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. Joined Amidas Partners in July 2007.

Has been involved in M&A advisory activities for a total of over 10 years since 2001. His experience includes giving advice on an acquisition of a sporting goods retailer (under civic rehabilitation) by a leasing company, sale of a restaurant-chain subsidiary by a general merchandise store operator, acquisition of the resort-operating subsidiary of a housing company by a real estate firm, restructuring of a listed subsidiary by a general merchandise store operator, sale of an investee construction consulting firm by an investment fund, acquisition of a construction company by a transport equipment company, and sale of a construction facility company by its founding family.

Has extensive experience ranging from mergers and acquisitions in relation to business expansion and new entry, and sale of an operation or a subsidiary in relation to restructuring, to business succession, bankruptcy, group-wide restructuring and management buyout (taking a public company private).

Resigned from Amidas Partners in June 2017 and started his own business.
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